Break the loop from monotony!Head on to Sanchal Fort,Barmer!

Attributes: Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Festive season is on arrival and the city dwellers are already chalking up their plans for escaping the hustle & bustle of the concrete jungles. While you are at it, if you wish to go on a not too long trip, but still wish to have a serene and blissful experience, Sanchal Fort, Barmer is the place awaiting you.


At just a rejuvenating drive of 5 hours away from Ahmedabad, a secluded travel destination awaits you like none other. Experience the Sand Dunes with the vast white Rann mingling in the background. Hurry, Call today and book your spots as the holiday season beacons: 7742919278.


Why Sanchal Fort, Barmer?

Unexplored destination, Secluded & non-commercial, White Rann, beautiful and one of its kinds Sand Dunes, and an experience of a lifetime!


Sanchal Fort is a beautiful heritage hotel, surrounded by sand dunes, and is far off from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s one of the most secluded places that you will ever come across! Being secluded, it doesn’t compromise on either the quality of the hotel nor on the service!


Things to do:

Spend an evening atop of the Sand dunes. The Tents and food arrangements will be done by the hotel. What more, if you want to have a bon-fire and listen to some folk music while you at the Sand Dune, that too can be arranged. An absolute private affair that guarantees you a lifetime of an experience!


Ask for a High Tea at the White Rann – Located 50 kms from the Hotel, you drive to this beautiful and giant white rann that stretches for nearly 6-7 kms.


While you sit there and enjoy a beautiful sunset, sip on a hot cup of tea/coffee with some delicious snacks, all this arranged by the Hotel!


After the onset of rains, the whole scenery has become even more blissful! So book your stay at Sanchal Fort today and experience life as it should be! Call on 7742919278.


Experience Barmer, Re-Discover Rajasthan!

Address: Sanchal Fort, Barmer. Rajasthan

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