Give a break to those monotonous days with a splash of fun!

45 degrees temperature and with a possibility of it rising, the season is testing us and our patience. Add on to it, its vacation for the kids and poor them are left with no option but to sit within the confines of the home since the scorching heat wouldn't let them play and enjoy! So what do you as parents, do? What are the options even if we adults want to have a relaxing weekend?

One Word "Shanku's". That's the most awesomeness of an option and possibly the most exciting and the most happiness filled option to indulge in this season. So folk, gather your friends, families, loved ones and those kiddos and head to Shankus and escape the testing season!

With the heat setting in on us, give the Summer heat wave , a wave back with Shankus Water Park & Resort! Known for always giving their visitors a gala time right from the time they enter, this place is going to ensure you enjoy this summer with splash of good fun with your loved ones!

This water park is perfect for anyone who is coming with their family or friends, you are sure to have a time which you would cherish forever! With the temperature rising at this alarming rate don’t we wish to indulge into something which will help us relief the heat. Here with their never ending options to indulge into water slides. With those twist and turns in their slides for those who love fun, or simply float around in the pool, it is time you rejuvenate yourself with the fun of splash surrounding us!

While your admits all the fun of gliding through slides and having a fun time, also sway yourself to your favourite tunes! To help you keep the spirits of fun always at the peak, this time having arranged a DJ just sway and move along your favourite beats and enjoy yourself like never before!

So this summer, when those monotonous days get back hard at you and you wish to have a day or two off, you know right where to come! Yes, Visit Shankus Waterpark and Resort and experience the new way of rejuvenating yourself this summer season!

Ticket Rates:
Rs. 400/- Per person

Costume & Locker Charges are extra as applicable. 
Contact: 9099080020 | 9099080030 
Address: Shankus Waterpark & Resort campus, Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway, Mehsana

For more details visit:⁠⁠⁠⁠

Tags: Give a break to those monotonous days with a splash of fun!

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