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.After the masterpieces like Forrest Gump, Cast Away and Flight, director Robert Zemeckis once again brings us another best work of art called ‘Allied’.
With the perfect set up of World war II times that actually stays with you in your mind even after the movie, Robert deserves a standing ovation for yet another amazing direction. Each and every scene just looks flawless.
The story written by Steven Knight, makes you stick to the edge of your seats in the second half. I literally have no nails left to bite after watching the climax scene. The last scene of the movie is one of those which you will carry in your heart for a long time.
Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard have given their personal best performances. Not just the sizzling chemistry between them; but you can also see the emotions not only on their faces but also in their eyes. Brad Pitt looks ageless, and you just don’t wish to take your eyes off Marion throughout the movie.
With a perfect combination of great performances, direction and the story, Allied deserves 4 Shors out of 5!
Reviewed by: Misha Sata

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