Premium Space for Your Brand. Only Rs.2500 @Pastel Peacock!

Book exhibition gallery for Rs.2500 a day. Limited time offer. Call pastel peacock on 96383 02234.


Looking for the right moment, the right price or the right place to reveal your collection to the fashion enthusiasts of the city? Note the name and address- “Pastel Peacock, 104(1st floor) Advait Complex, Near Sandesh Press, Vastrapur” because you’re surely going to need it.


The fact that there cannot be a more perfect moment than this upcoming festive season to showcase your brand is undebatably true. And the price at which Pastel Peacock is offering a centre stage to the budding entrepreneurs, it cannot get better than this. Book a space at Pastel Peacock Gallery at only Rs. 2500/- in this month of September!


Yes, there is no typo. It is Rs.2500/- only! If you are one entrepreneur or a designer, seeking for a foot-hold to aver your position in the market, grab this opportunity with both arms wide open!


Hurry up, because the offer is available only till the end of this month!


Address- Pastel Peacock, 104(1st floor) Advait Complex, Near Sandesh Press, Vastrapur.

Phone- 96383 02234

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