Winter sports coaching for all only at SGVP!

With the onset of icy winters, we see everyone getting out of the house in the early mornings and late evenings in an effort to stay fit, don’t we? How can we forget our tiny little tots then, who need exercise equally or your lazy 20 year olds? Here to solve all your woes as a parent is none other than the well known SPORTS ACADEMY of SGVP SCHOOL, now also admitting outsiders. SGVP SURYA SPORTS ACADEMY is your one stop solution which aims at providing an encouraging environment, a wide variety of sports, dedicated coaching, and ground facility to sportsmen of different sports to bring out the best of talent and become a source of sports excellence for next generation. 

Located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, affiliated with CISCE and accredited by AdvancED USA, SGVP is a modern Gurukul and a secular school for boys that combines science, spirituality and sports for all round development and academic fineness, making it one of the most renowned schools in the state. 

Their exclusive sports conservatory called SGVP SURYA SPORTS ACADEMY has been built on the pillars of servitude, rigorous professional coaching and a strong belief in a progressive culture where scientific and sports development go hand in hand and a desire to bring every human being on one common platform without any customary discrimination is the only thing that matters.

 The coaches are excellent unlike the other institutions and the sports they teach include but are not limited to cricket, football, tennis, skating, basket ball, swimming, badminton and many others! With the finest facilities and personal attention paid to everyone, the sports Mecca admits everyone ages 8 and above so that you don’t have an excuse to procrastinate anymore! 

Stop being so lazy and get fit now! After all, we all need to burn those calories, don’t we? Cheers! 

Shree swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam (SGVP),
Nr. SGVP Circle, S.G. Highway, Chharodi,
Ahmedabad -382481.

Phone:  02717-241991, 241159
Mobile: +91 9909929049

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