Soak Goa-like Vibes at this Hookah Lounge in HSR

Cuisines: Finger Food, Beverages

Filters: Outdoor seating, Dine-in

Attributes: Sheesha/Hookah, Cafes, Pocket-Friendly

If you are looking for a new place in HSR Layout to blow off the steam after a hard day at work or simply a fun night with your friends over the weekend; 'BAITHAK' is just the perfect place, with it's Goa-like interiors, scrumptious delicacies and invariably one of the best hookahs in town.

With its unconventional quirky interiors and a menu serving almost all the cuisines you can think of, it instantly becomes a favorite among the foodies.
To make your feel even more comfortable and relaxed they have gone an extra mile to give you a “Goa feel” right here in Bangalore. Yes, the floor covered with beach sand, a blissful hookah and great friends to talk to? Could your weekend be more sorted?

Primarily a Sheesha place, the owners took care of segregating their smoking and non-smoking zone so you can have a great time slurping on their dishes without the hookah. From soups to salad, chaat to maggi, pastas to biryanis to even steaks, the list simply goes on for, they rightly boast of having one of the most extensive menus ever with each dish being equally delicious.

The satisfaction of enjoying their array of milk shakes is like finding a missing pearl in the sea. Be it KitKat, Red Velvet, or Oreo, you surely wouldn't want to share, despite the fact they are quite literally jumbo in size!
What also stands out is their stellar range of hookah flavours; each with a unique name as informed by ever-so-helpful staff, when inquired. Rest assured, you can leave it to them to make it one of the best puffs you’ve had in a while. 

Doing every bit of justice to their name, the founders have put in great effort in curating every small thing in the décor, multicolour interiors, 3D wall art of cars and bikes, round table seating along with comfortable and laid back sofas; you won’t have a clue of time unless you see a big waiting line outside the door! 

This place has already marked its territory in the calm of HSR layout. Be sure to check it out the next time you crave for some wondrous servings or simply want to relax your collars over sheesha in an ambiance like no other.

Timings: 11 am to 1 am

Author Credits: Suhani Jain

Tags: Baithak, CityShor, CityShor Bangalore

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