The Gourmet Gastro Bar that HSR was waiting for

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Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami which allows creative folding of paper to make beautiful artwork and the Broadway theatre in New York; BROADWAY - THE GOURMET THEATRE in HSR is our newest entry atop our list of favorites in the city!

The place which goes by as a gourmet gastro bar serves global cuisine, exuding creativity and drama. Before we go in depth as to why we are praising BROADWAY so much; we just want to give you a heads up as to what you should expect:
Nuave : Something new
Antiquity : Something Ancient
Surprise : Something unexpected
Spectacle : Something great to look at
Quintessence : The most perfect example of
Amusement : Something that brings out the child in you

More so, it stamps a BIG 'Check' on all out boxes for, it not only serves you with amazing food but, also manages to mesmerize us with it's aura and charm, that one needs to dwell in while hogging onto their delicacies.
Serving an array of cuisines, we simply could not make do with one, ensuring that our evening tends to be nothing but, sublime!

Going with the concept that, 'less is more', we were served with GOCHUJANG COTTAGE CHEESE FLOSS. Presenting a pseudo visually meager offering, it is completely contrasting once it goes in. The 'floss sticks' are crusted with Crispy Noodles, around Cottage Cheese and herbs. Dip it in their sweet mango and basil seed dip for a burst of flavour.
Going exceedingly well with it would be their MAGIC MUSHROOM SOUP! Smoked Porcini, button mushrooms and truffles, all packing a solid punch.

If you are on the lookout for Sushi? Then, this is the place to be at! Ask for their DRAGON ROLL and you will be served with a generous platter of the same. Taste wise? It is indeed at par with the exact definition of Sushi; consisting of small rolls of vinegar-flavoured cold rice served with a garnish of vegetables and salmon.

More on the unconventional side of things, BROADWAY also makes a delicious DOLSOT BIBIMBAP! With it's origins in Korea, the word literally means 'mixed rice' and that is exactly what it was for, we were served with a bowl of warm white rice topped with chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions and topped with a fried egg atop with soy sauce on the side. A terrific meal in it's own.

If nothing seems satiating to you yet then, you need to think again after you dig into their BAMBOO BIRYANI served with taziki raita. Rich in spices and juicy chicken, the portion is slow cooked for an added zing.
For desserts, one is indeed spoilt for choice but, on recommendation we narrowed it down to the MELTING GLOBE; that takes brownie and ice cream to a whole new universe, being encased in delicious ball of chocolate that ebbs away.

By the end we figured that BROADWAY - THE GOURMET THEATRE indeed offered at amazing treat, that left us with no guilt despite the gluttony indulgence for, the whole experience was simply delightful; asking for your dire attention over the weekend! Cheers.

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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