Solving the mystery behind half-done Maharani ki Chhatris

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In the zeal of capturing Jal Mahal and Amer fort, one fails to notice the remarkable beauty that is constructed on the very street that leads to Amer. Located just before the Ramgarh street intersection close to Jal Mahal, Maharani Ki Chhatri is a unique and an impressive memorial service range for Maharanis of the Royal family.

In our quest of searching the highly unexplored heritage locations lying inside the spidery lanes of Jaipur, we stumbled on Maharani ki Chhatri, the exteriors generate immediate curiosity of what lies ahead, from a small gate you step into a very vast space where resides the architectural wonders made of precious stones depending upon the status of the Maharanis.

 While some are a sheer treat to the naked eyes with detailed work of art on white marbles and some made of local stones, this is the place where you can dwell upon the architectural marvels for hours without interference and enjoy the beauty until the sun goes down.

UNKNOWN FACTS about Maharani ki Chhatri-

If the queen dies before the king, then the cenotaph is completed with a beautifully crafted roof and if the king dies before the queen then the Chhatri would remain unfinished.

Hence, when you plan a visit and spot some finished and unfinished Chhatris, don’t fall for the assumption that it’s yet to be completed, these structures are created with strong thoughts and that’s what makes them unique.

In the very beginning are the cenotaphs of the three queens of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II –Maharani Marudhar Kanwar, Maharani Kishore Kanwar and Maharani Gayatri Devi, these Chhatris are the most beautiful and a symbol of importance and status of the 3 queens.

Before touring the world with the agenda of exploration, why not dig deep into your very own Pink city for hidden locations and monuments. Visit Maharani Ki Chhatri not just for the magnificent wonders of architecture but look for the unspoken ideas that lay behind the creation.

Maharani Ki Chhatri

Address: Just before Ramgarh intersection, near Jalmaahal, Amer-Jaipur Street

Tags: Solving the mystery behind half-done Maharani ki Chhatris, Maharani Ki Chhatri

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