A Walk through the Artsy Lane of Mumbai!

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After three busy days at work I & a friend got a chance to finally spare sometime for ourselves. So I decided to take her to the street I loved during my last visit to Mumbai. BANDRA’S CHAPEL ROAD!  Before one year it amazed me to a level that I decided, “On my next trip to Mumbai, I am coming to see you again. More closely!” And yes, I went to meet this almost 1 km stretch again.            

This street connects Mount Carmel Church to Hill Road.! Mumbaites definitely know about this beautiful street but how about telling everyone in India what it holds? We had really tiresome three days at work but I was all excited to take my friend on a journey to this road. It was a perfect way to give us some boost to stay in this busy city for two more days. 

So, we reached this street around 4 in the evening. You know why this lane is so beautiful & famous? It holds three reasons, 1) Graffiti (wall art) 2) Chapels 3) Beautiful Homes! Oh yes, it’s a fantasy world in between this 1km stretch. From my earlier visit, I had this one wall in my memory lane, a huge wall art of Madhubala. I didn’t remember the exact location of this big art piece & that’s how we started looking for it! In between what we found made us go speechless. To my surprise, this lane was fully covered in such graffiti art.

Every small or big art we saw, we paused to get ourselves clicked. Oh what a busy street it was! Vehicles passed by and for each click we waited patiently as we definitely could not miss standing next to these splashed walls by some great artists from all over the world. Everything in this street was colored. Shop Shutters, Car Garage, Homes, Doors, Common Walls, Pipes, Parking Lots; everything! I am sure we missed many as this journey is endless.

Many have faded way because of pollution or getting old but every time you visit this street, I am sure you would find a new one. While seeing this wall art closely, you would understand that it’s done by all the professional artists. It shows how they lost themselves while painting each wall. Be it a life size or a tiny art, each has its own story to share. I can go on & on about this street but let me take a pause & tell you a bit more about this lane.

This lane is, in fact, a heritage walk to understand the old culture of people who stay there. Old architecture, old walls, the people; it would give you a different energy to walk through this lane. A lane where you will find Christian community, church, chapels & some really cute cafes & shops. Very friendly people to talk to, sitting there just seeing the vehicles & commuters passing by the road, some patting & feeding their cats & dogs, some on regular grocery shopping, some finishing their daily routine work. A perfect place to spend a day with the locals & art!

Best time to visit this street is during Christmas. I know I am informing late but it’s never too late. The whole street is decorated with blingy lights & star lamps & anyways those wall art paintings delight the whole journey. So go through the unprofessionally clicked pics & add this lane to your bucket list! 

Author and Picture Credit: Nirjari Shah

Tags: grafitti, art

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