Befitting Embroidered Saris at Priyanka Kankia Fashion House

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Tradition is rooted in years of practice as we run towards a modern society somewhere we tend to forget the beauty that lies in years of craftsmanship that has brought alive the textiles of India. Therefore, it is quite an experience when you meet a designer who is a fantastic cusp of modern design and yester techniques.

Priyanka Kanakia is a young designer who works with traditional techniques of embroidery at the same time creating a contemporary identity for her designs.

One of her most unique Sari designs is combining heavy zari borders of gold and silver designs which are handmade by artisans with silk sari’s from the south which she curate’s specifically for this purpose. The result is a designer Sari which is uplifted by the fine work and good quality silk.

Another design that represents the exquisite art of our country is using a small hammer to flatten the zari on a sari creating designs along. The red Sari with the veil of flowers running along its length is a prime example.

Priyanka has stepped into the modern age reinventing the traditions, her digital print lehenga is a perfect amalgamation of Indian style and modern technology.

If you are looking for a modern touch to traditional technique or are looking for pure traditional beauty Priyanka Kanakia would surely have something for you.

Author Credit: Madhurima Naidu

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