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Even after all the enormous frequent flyer miles you must have accumulated, we’re sure there’ll still be moments, when you’d be mesmerized by the cloud-clad horizon… a quick click, a lil Instagram, some cool hashtags and it slips into one of your virtual social profiles. We, as simpleton city dwellers have always been fascinated by what lies beyond earthly confines. And similar to the skies, there exist another, almost unknown realm of the world – one that seems infinite yet inviting.

(Ahhhh… Guys no matter how goofy we sound; this one’s not extra terrestrial!)

We’re talking about underwater - the virtual confluence of the oceans. And the closest, that most of us have been, is only one of the beaches that grace the covers of either a travel magazines or a holiday brochure.

Don’t we just go to any length to bring the best to you! So have Siddharth and Seemant, as they gave our city its first and only full-fledged, Scuba training center – Absolute Scuba. With over 19 years of collective experience in Diving & Marketing Scuba diving, they chose to return “home” and bring this truly International sport to Pune – a city marked with adventure-seeking & travel friendly people.

 Diving is your window into the beautiful and mysterious underwater world. One plunge into the eye popping electric blue sea and things go Technicolor! Luminous fish in warm ocean currents have a Zen like impact that no detox diet or meditation session will help acquire.

We can sight only two things common in our world and the marine. First and foremost you gotto exercise discipline. And secondly, you can just breathe! Absolute Scuba, with a super efficient team of PADI and CMAS certified instructors, and a trail of 700 happy customers, will guide you to achieve both. They use Internationally trusted Scubapro professional Diving Equipment as safety is the foremost agenda with no room for compromise.

The idea was to bring Scuba diving closer to Pune. In an effort to dismiss pre conceived notions of a ‘rich man’s sport’, they have tailored courses to suit one’s budget and needs.  When you sign up for with Absolute Scuba, you can enroll for:

  1. Discover Scuba Diving: if you’re a non-swimmer and still reading, this one’s for you! A 2-hour introductory session to SCUBA, a maximum no. of 6 divers per batch allows maximum attention. It incorporates a detailed intro to the diving equipment, safety procedures & hand signals followed by a shallow water orientation with the instructor; basically a half hour tandem dive (one on one) with the instructor in the deep end of the pool to acclimatize and enjoy. They have tie-ups with the biggest and the cleanest swimming pools of the city. This non-certification experience is open to all above the age of 8.
  2. PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course: a 4-day International Certification course which certifies a diver with an International Diving License with life time validity. (A little goose bums as we write further) A certified diver is allowed to dive up to 18 meters/60 feet under, with this license. The course is broken up into the following modules:

                        I.         Pool Training: 2 full days of Confined water training & orientation.

                      II.         Knowledge development and Course Theory: 5-chapter manual study leading to final written quizzes & exams.

                    III.         Open Water Diving: 2 days of 4 open water dives to evaluate & assess the your actual sea conditions for a successful certification. These are taken up at Netrani Island, Murudeshwar, near Pune itself. Value-for-money packages available with Absolute Scuba include travel, food and lodging. All you need is to be - a swimmer above 10 years of age.

Once you have trained with the one of the most competent teams, the world will be at your fins. They use idyllic aquatic playgrounds around the globe and have conducted successful dive trips to Andaman, Lakshadweep, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Phuket, Bali and Fiji.

The panoramic views of the underwater topography and ecosystem are loaded with insane unparalleled beauty – something that is already confirmed by the travel channels on television (now available in HD) But the real experience is beyond surreal. One can feel totally dwarfed at how minute our existence is in this universe. Our office- bound lives have limited our outlook so much that we don’t need a vacation; we probably need a refuge. The fantastic guys at Absolute Scuba have your golden passport to liberation. Suit up people! This time, for the balmy sea.

Contact : +91 986 000 3456 / 9970983456


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