Call of the mountains...

Call of the mountains...

Himachal has always been on the wishlist of all wanderers, explorers, trekkers and anyone who takes pleasure in the challenges that comes with the hills. If you're one such personality.. We bring to you the terrains of Chandrakhani Pass. And your guide through, would be the Mountain Hikers. Registrations are in full swing now and we'll tell you why this is a trip one should undertake before one dies...

Reason#1: The trip obviously has the scenic locales of Himachal.. But this is no ordinary travel brochure trip. You'd be right in the arms of nature and will get to experience it like never before.

Reason#2: You'll see the unseen, experience the unimaginable and end up sharing some unheard travels.. Trust us the images also you'll end up capturing will be noting less than paradisical.

Reson#3: Ever heard of Malana?? Well all we can say is that its a land of hippies, marijuana and a very closely guarded culture... And yes.. It will be right there on your itinerary.

Reason#4: We suggest you challenge yourself and pull yourself out of your limitations... And there can be no better place than 14000ft above the sea level.

Reason#5: The Mountain Hikers are a dedicated professional trekking group that are prepared (with their state of the art equipment) to give you the best trekking expedition of your life.

Convinced huh? To register..

Contact: 7875471166

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