CHAHAL PEHAL - Embossed Handmade Leather Diaries

We’ve discovered stationery exquisiteness at its best! Offering absolutely unique, handmade leather products in the city is Chahal Pehal. Having checked out the stunning range of leather goodies, we couldn’t help but be awed by every creation. Such fine craftsmanship and gorgeousness…The diaries are love at first sight. With every product being customisable from the colour to the embossing, we’ve discovered stationery heaven! What’s better than experiencing a piece of culture with a diary?

A self-confessed stationery lover, Avni the curator wanted to offer people in and around the city something synonymous with timeless authenticity. Every Chahal Pehal creation we think makes for the most timeless and precious keepsake ever! None of the products are "off-the -assembly-line". Each product has a personality of its own and is handcrafted using traditional methods by craftsmen in rural India. It was such a delight to know that everything is processed by hand and no use of machines is involved…

Taking the exquisiteness further, Avni ensures that even the designs and patterns are embossed by hand. No two diaries are similar in pattern. Every product is unique ...The dark stain or colour stains only serve to enhance the natural texture of the leather. Got stationery loving friends who value culture? Trust us when we say these would make for the best gifts ever that they would cherish for lifetime! After all, sitting in their homes in rural India, craftsmen use traditional methods to create these magnificent pieces and holding a Chahal Pehal product is like sharing their legacy.

Here’s the contact information to treat yourself to some stationery with a dash of legacy…

Contact: +91 98235 85405


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