Gingerbread House Decorating Party by Love To Eat

Imagine a table loaded with candies, gumdrops, jujubes, sprinkles and glitter – NO! Not meant for you to eat… (Although we couldn’t help sneaking one or two) It’s for lil kids to decorate their individual ginger bread house! A Christmassy activity, so cute - we dare you if you can stand with your hands folded to this one!

We live to eat. For obvious reasons we had to connect with Priyanka who runs her gourmet catering from home by the name of ‘Love To Eat’. Aren’t there those people who are so driven by their passion that they can’t let a day go by without creating a masterpiece? Such is the story of Priyanka and her chef-d'oeuvre ventures. You just cannot expect something usual from her kitchen. And this season she chose to capture the spirit of the pink winters and spread joy amongst the tiny tots with her ANNUAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE DECORATING PARTY. 

By the way, that candyland table was not the only one we were drooling on… Another table had some equally homemade yummy treats –corn cheese tarts, sandwichs, chocolate fudges and possibly everything that goes into creating a fun kiddie bash. We loved the way she decked up the whole place. Details start unfolding from the doorstep itself – Christmas decor and the early-decorated tree – and goes on to even finer details like the Santa Claus-ey tray liner. It all comes together to create an engaging and enchanting evening for the kids.

Each of them get a pre baked gingerbread house, gingerbread man and a gingerbread tree to themselves, which they decorate and assemble piece by piece under Priyanka’s watchful eye. The table had heaps of colorful embellishments (we ate gems after such a long time!) She specially had ingredients imported from US to make this activity as vibrant as possible (and also to ensure the quality of the candies) But that’s not it! Imagine a room of 10 odd super excited kids… nope! No hair pulling and no mess! She’s a pro with kids and we can vouch for that. Be it the little appreciation here and there or the handling of sharp objects, she, like a mother hen, makes sure all of them are left inspired and engaged (much like her cooking). And they walk out with their own gingerbread house too!

The workshop is on this whole month of December and you can pre book a date and time to enroll your kid and maybe his friends. To avoid chaos at their individual stations, there is a limited number of kids taken up at a time so that each gets undivided attention.

Just when we thought we’re the only ones sneaking stuff off the table, a look around and we knew we were not alone J We have convinced Priyanka to organize this workshop for elders too but we need another group of 4… do inbox us if you’re game! Meanwhile, for further details about timings and fees, get in touch here…

Contact: +91 7709380902

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