Papertells Brings Green Morya... For Ya!

We wonder what our beloved Bappas do underwater after Visarjans! They often come ashore weeks later broken and tattered which is such a disheartening sight. This Ganeshotsav, let’s give Visarjan a real and higher significance. Let our Ganpatis go one with nature in the truest sense before we bring him home again next year. Papertells brings one-of-kind eco-friendly Ganpatis. Naahi! Shaadu maati pasun banavleleya naahi! When it’s Papertells, you got to expect something unique... everything paper!

When we say everything paper, we mean literally! Be it the flowers, chattras, torans, makhar, mahirap, chowrang and even the moorti. As the belief goes, these eco friendly moortis are not made of shaadu clay but recycled paper pulp. A little resin glue, again a natural derivative, holds the shape well enough to sculpt into beautiful posture. Papertells brought in one of the most celebrated murti artist, Mr. Vinod Yelarpurkar, to help them with this novel idea. One look at the pictures and you’ll agree that the finesse and sheen is unmatched.

Be it Ekdant, Gajaanan, Vakratunda or Lambodar, we want him and his Aarudh to look phenomenal each year. Do not miss out on the handmade paper decoration solutions for the complete green approach. These are available in vibrant colors that you can mix and match. We must give it to the team for introducing added value to the design. These decorations not only have a long shelf life but are recyclable too. Looking for more? The mahirap is available in foldable options too. 

Since all pieces are handcrafted with bio degradable materials, these are available in limited numbers only. You’ll surely feel blessed after this unique shopping experience at Papertells.

Address: Handmade Paper Institute, KB Joshi Road, lane next to Agricultural College, Shivaji Nagar

Contact: 020 2553738

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