Solution to late night Tyre puncture

Flat tyre at night? Get it fixed wherever you are!!
How often have we been stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre? Atleast once, We’re sure. What if we tell you, that wherever you are at night and if you have a flat tyre you can call up a guy and he’ll fix it for you? Isn’t that one contact you absolutely NEED to have in your phone/diary/scooter trunk?

Call Mr. Taklay if you are genuinely stranded at night, and he’ll try to reach you at the earliest. He’s as noble as one can be. With the cost of what he charges being far from important, it’s his desire to help people in need! For someone who barely completed 7th grade, he has managed to learn the techniques of repair since childhood and with some help from outside, built himself a scooter which is his one and only source of helping people. The scooter is customized for his needs, has compartments where he keeps the tools and air filling instruments.

A gentle note for all – He only responds when you are REALLY stranded somewhere with absolutely no puncture or repair service in your vicinity. He does not respond to random requests.

Mr. Taklay – 9923287661

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