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Have you ever imagined Fries loaded with delicious sauces, cheese, exotic toppings which are generously served to you while they are still piping hot? No, then head straight to Lets Meet Cafe, people!

Most of us are big time fans of fast food and especially of the munchies like crispy, succulent french fries or potato wedges! Though many eateries and cafes offer french fries on their menu, only a few have got them right. Often times, if the fries are crisp, the seasonings are not up to mark or they taste just too bland and how about the time when you crave for french fries served with a twist - what are the options then? Well, Surtis, today, we are introducing you to Let's Meet Cafe - an all new eatery which is set to offer the best, the sauciest and the most sizzling varieties of French Fries you have ever eaten in Surat!

Started by Mihir Shah and his friends, who happen to be Engineers by profession but foodies at heart, Let's Meet Cafe looks like a quirky, fun filled eatery where you can unwind, catch over conversations and enjoy 20+ varieties of French Fries and even their one of its kind Red Velvet Milkshake - yes, you heard it right!

With comfy interiors, well-lit seating area and pepped up wallpapers, you are definitely going to like this cosy yet lively Cafe for sure!

Smothered with dozens of creamy sauces and mind boggling toppings, here's what we think about the offerings of this new cafe:

XXX Fries:

This was the first variety of French Fries that we tried and it totally made our expectations super high! Generously spread with zig zag french fries, refreshing herb infused mayo, XXX Fries is a dish you can hog on back to back.

Maggi Fries

If mind-blowingness is what you are looking for - we say, then call dibs on Maggi Fries. Served with heaps of freshly made Maggi, loads of grated cheese and generous servings of fries, we bet you are going to love it if you are fan of Maggi as well as French Fries and even otherwise!

Pizza Fries:

Coated with pungent yet tangy Pizza seasoning, ladies and gentlemen, Pizza Fries gently surprises your taste buds with the flavours of Pizza and succulent potatoes. Add to that the taste of a few awesome sauces and your meal is sorted like never before!

Lemon Garlic Fries:

Ain't the best things in life simple? We say that because Lemon Garlic Fries is extraordinarily homely. With a dash of lemon, garlic and complementary sauces, Lemon Garlic Fries tastes just too good!

Mozzarella Poppers

Feeling like popping out that bad mood? Then treat yourself with their Mozzarella Poppers right away! Tender, crisp and juice fully finger-licking owing to the topping of sauces, these are a must try at Let's Meet Cafe!

Disco Fries and Disco Dingo Fries:

Full of piping hot baked beans, fries, Disco Dingo Fries would make awe for sure - because baked beans and fries - who can even imagine that, right? And guess what, they taste absolutely fingerlicking - we say this by experience!

In case you are a rice and nacho fan, then Disco Fries are made just for you. A combination of flavoured rice, nachos, fries, and sauces, these would indeed give you #foodgasm with its every morsel!

Red Velvet Milkshake:

Ate too many fries? Quench your thirst with Red Velvet Milkshake then! Creamy, first of its kind in Surat, this milkshake fuses the taste of red velvet cake in a beautiful way and gently treats your taste buds with its inherent coolness - don't miss it at any cost!

Our Verdict:

4 Shors out 5 for Let's Meet Cafe and also a shout-out for their hospitality but most of all for their zillion varieties of french fries and Red Velvet Milkshake!

Address: G-30, Safal Square, Opp Jolly Party Plot, Surat, India
Contact: 093283 62562

Photography by: Bhagyashri V Thakur

Written by: Mohita Adhvaryu

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