1 day picnic packages starting at 1200 per person by Bakeri

Attributes: Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Listen to the weather! NO KIDDING!

If you sit back for a while, and put your mind at peace, you’ll be able to hear it. You’ll be able to hear this beautiful weather speak.

It says- “Take a break!” | And, why not?

Bakeri group presents one day picnic packages at Serenity Proximus - the most ideal weekend getaway from the city!

You know the best part? The Price! It is Rs.1200 per person (inclusive of breakfast, lunch, high-tea and dinner)!

Away from the Hustle n bustle of the city, surrounded by Greenery, you are chilling and gorging upon some delicious Pakoras and corn and oh, CHAI!

Imagined it, right? This experience is awaiting you at Serenity Proximus!

Moreover, they are here with a special Monsoon menu!

Your excitement wouldn't just end at an appetizing menu, it will go on to add many other fun activities to your weekend including a splash in the pool, playing in the lush green gardens, movie screenings and several other activities.

WE’re sure, you do not need us to push it more!

Address: Serenity Proximus, Moti Devti Village, Shantipura (S.P.Ring Road), near Gulmohar Club, Sanand Road, Ahmedabad.

Call: 76980 88127

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