10 Travel Accessories To Buy

A duffle bag Or an all weather jacket? A Handy Light or light in weight sleeping bag?
The answer to all your needs is one- ‘Decathlon’ - the planet of choices when it comes to shopping for sports, adventure or travel!
Here is a list of travel accessories we recommend you to buy, if you are thinking of travelling any time soon:
- Water bottle
- All weather Jackets (camouflage if you are going into the Jungle or Snow jacket if you’re going into the mountains)
- Trekking pants / shorts / shirt
- Shoes (the most important part of your travel)
- Tent / foldable stools
- Hanging light / torch
Well you know, what is better? You simply go and visit Decathlon, C.G. Rd!
Address: , GF, C.G. Square Mall, C.G. Road

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