100% herbal skin and hair products only at MeinA

Awareness regarding herbal products is becoming a known trend these days. But is every product actually 100% herbal is a question we all have in minds. To clear you of your doubts we present to you MeinA, by Vaiju and Zeel, their main focus deals offering 100% herbal skin and hair products.

Offering a range of products which are totally friendly to every type skin, MeinA is here to offer you results right from the first application itself.

Having understood different skin types with utmost care, the line of products being offered here are sure to give you results which will be the best. A few of the skin products include Strawberry face pack, Dry Skin Pack, Chocolate Scrub.   

Apart from skin products, MeinA is also offering an array of products which are exclusively made for the hair. LBS Hair Pack, Fizzy Hair pack, Hair oil! These products are specially designed using natural ingredients which will have no side effects on the hair. It’s time to choose the organic and start to feel the change the healthy way.

 A few of the products that we always wish to be done at home but think it might be a little too difficult; MeinA is changing that trend for you. Tan remover kit,  Aloe stretch, Ubtan for the face just to name a few are the products we all wish to apply but fear the effect of it on the skin. Changing this thought, these products are safe on the skin and totally effective from the first application itself!

Time to rejuvenate your skin with products that are 100% herbal, chemical free and easy to use!   

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