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Looking for premium quality disposables or other similar products for your food brand? Westland is your one-stop-shop solution!


Food and Happiness are synonyms to each other, when it comes to our city of Ahmedabad, since eternity. The places that we eat out at, however, keep changing as the time passes by. And with it, the products that are needed to cater the food zealots of Ahmedabad also demand a sharp sense of innovation!


That is exactly what Westland Products by Karan Sales Corporation are all about! In a gist, they have all types of products related to hospitals, Hotels, Retro Cafes and more!


To give you an idea, here is a snippet of the products that they offer-

Barbeque Sticks (Shashliks), Potato Skewers, Paper Napkins, Wet tissues, Plates (plastic, paper, biodegradable), Areca leaf products, Glasses, Ripple Paper Cups, Premium quality Straws (in multicolor & multiple sizes), Wooden Toothpicks, Tissue Rolls, Cake Boxes, Pizza Boxes and the list goes on!


Do you care enough about Environment that you’d give up on plastics? They offer a wide range of Biodegradable & paper-made products!


“But what about my brand?”- you’d say? They do customized printing on products too!


So, hurry up! Get going!

Address: Shop No.109, Gunj Bazaar, Nr. Ambe Matamandir, Madhupura

Call: 9974389351 / 9429634664

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