11 Reasons why you should be in Pune for The Bottoms Up Fest

Have friends in Pune? Epicness happens in Pune this Weekend at the first ever Cocktail Fest of India! You will miss out on some never before seen craziness with Coke Studio-esque Live Music Jam if you don't join them this weekend! The Bottoms Up Festival. Pune.  24-25 Sep. 12 PM to 11 PM
Tickets Available on: bit.ly/2cjtoOi

1. It’s not just Food. It’s Drinks.

2. It’s not just Drinks. It’s Cocktails.

3. It’s not just Cocktails. It’s Mixology.

4. It’s not just your Average Selection. It’s a Selection of 200 Cocktails.

5. It’s not just Mojitos. It’s Mad Scientists and Desi Pauvas.

6. It’s not just Fun and Games. It’s Drinking Games.

7. It’s not a Food Walk or Photo Walk. It’s a Cocktail Walk.

8. It’s not just 1 Bar. It’s 10+ Bars.

9. It's not behind Closed Doors. It's in the Open Air.

10. It’s not just Live Music. It’s a Coke Studio-esque Jam.

11. It's monsoon we know, but the fest is totally covered still giving you the open-air vibe with enough natural light!

So Yes! It’s a Fest. But Not Just Another Fest!

Come and be a part of India’s First Ever Open Air Cocktail Festival, The Bottoms Up Fest and experience revelry like never before!

Tickets Available on, http://bit.ly/2cjtoOi

Venue: Showtime Arena, Balkrishna Lawns, Near Bharat Petrol Pump, Mundhwa, Pune.

Dates: 24th & 25th September 2016

Time: 12 Noon to 11 PM.

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