15+ unique sizzlers and more at the Baraco Sizzler

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A Chaap based sizzler, Paneer tikka hanging in a balance, a waffle based starter and…... read on to find out more!


The most famous hangout spot of the youngsters in city, The Cafe Baraco, now opens a new sizzling diner- the Baraco Sizzlers! Get ready to take your taste-buds on a roller coaster ride, with their amazing sizzlers and more!


What is going to amaze you even more, is the way they serve the conventional dishes. The dishes like paneer tikka etc. which are a part of our dinners from a long time! Don’t believe it? Have a look at the images and you’ll know.


Of course the sizzlers are an experience we have never had. But with the multi-cuisinedishes on offer here at The Baraco Sizzlers, the most apt way to define it is- “A completely perfect place to dine out at!”  


Here is a glimpse of our experience there-

Paneer Tikka- trust me, it is our own paneer tikka that we have been eating. Presented in the most unbelievable manner ever!

Waffle Canapes- A waffle based starter.

Indiano Kofta Sizzler- A unique concoction of Kofta served with rice and rumali roti!

Sizzling Shanghai Night Sizzler- For the first ime in city we are trying a chaap based sizzler! Truly amazing.

Sizzling Steak with Peri-Peri Sauce- Cottage cheese steak, stuffed with corn, palak, jalapeno and more with our favourite Peri-peri sauce! This is said to be the best-seller here!

Amritsari Kulcha with Pindi Chole- What are those small black granules on the kulcha? They are fried Pomegranate seeds! Truly delicious!

Baraco House Sizzler- Our favourite from the menu! Choose your own base - rice, pasta or noodles and they make a sizzler out of it!


You know what goes best with these scrumptious dishes? Their rejuvenating freak shakes and mocktails! Do miss out on the Nutella Freak Shake or Virgin Sangria Mocktail!


Contact- 70460 74995

Address- 34, Shree Bhuvan Complex, Near. Memnagar Fire Station, Vijay Cross Roads

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