17 cheese burst pizzas at half prize than others @ Cheelizza

Cuisines: Pizza

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

Attributes: Cafes, Flagship Store, Pocket-Friendly, Classy

Before: “17 flavours of Medium Pizzas each at INR 259”. We thought it could not get better than this.

We were wrong. After all, it is Cheelizza.

Now: 17 flavours of CHEESE BURST PIZZAS at Half the price than others- 359 each. We again think it can not get better than this.

With every single bite, liquid cheese oozing out. A flavoursome burst of ecstasy in your mouth.

In this moment, if you ask yourself- “Am I alive?” The answer will be- “YES!”

Hold on. What if we tell you, you get some amazing flavours like Paneer Punch, Mama Mexicana, etc. with Cheese Burst?

We are already on our way. THE SECOND TIME! Are you coming?

Tip: Don’t miss trying out the Gourmet Veggie.

Try them out, and let us know, if we’re wrong about it.

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