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So by now, you must have guessed what the movie is all about. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the story of this movie. But then the charm lies therein. Not many would have the courage to see a movie about which one has read or heard or even guessed.

The movie rightly lives up to our expectations. Although predictable, 2 states will not bore you. Why you may ask? The answer lies in the subtle yet amazing performance of one, Aila Bhatt. The movie has Aila written all over it. This one time, she moves away from her comfort zone and plays the character of a high spirited girl from a Tamil family.

Aila is both, amazingly beautiful and very talented. The movie does justice to both. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the audience falls in love with her and ignores Arjun. He, Arjun Kapoor on the other hand, is good in bits and pieces. I would rate his performance average.

Amrita Singh, Revathi and Ronit Roy play their characters to the hilt and they do provide the movie with a sense of purpose.  

The music of the movie is average, nothing to brag about, nothing to complain about. The director didn’t want much of his time devoted to the music of the movie and this one fact is for everyone to listen. On the other hand, the direction is far better than some of the recent releases. The director’s Abhishek Varman’s, vision is very well put on the screen.

The editing however could have been crisp. At times, the movie feels to be tad too lengthy. But then if its Aila on the screen, who’s complaining, Right?



Ananya (Aila Bhatt) belongs to a typical tamil family and Krish (Arjun Kapoor) belongs to a Punjabi family. Both end up at IIM Ahmedabad and as the case with Maggie noodles, end up in love instantaneously. Opposed to the inter-caste marriage, their parents have a tough time accepting their relationship.

The movie actually gets funnier when both Ananya and Krish meet each other’s parents and their quest to convince them for their marriage.


We told you, there’s nothing much in the story but what has been portrayed on the silver screen is by far worth more then what you spending on the ticket.

Our verdict, 3 Shor’s. It’s a must watch movie, this weekend.  

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