20% OFF on Multicuisine Rice Bowls at Twisted Mazzo

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FLAT 20% OFF on amazing Multi-cuisine Rice Bowls at Twisted Mazzo!


The place that has been the destination serving the best mexican & Italian in city, also offers delicious 4 world cuisine Rice Bowls viz., Mexican | Italian | Lebanese | Oriental


All the RICE-MEAL LOVERS listen up! Which one would prefer first? Mexican, Italian, Lebanese or Oriental?


Here is a glimpse to the delicious Bowls:


Oriental: Hakka Fried Rice in the base are joined by Honey Chilly Garlic Sauce with Paneer, and topped with Bell Peppers, Veggies and Kimchi Salad! What a party of a taste!

Italian bowl: Herbed garlic rice here is topped/blended with bell peppers marinara sauce with grilled paneer & corn salad! It served with garlic bread sticks.

Lebanese bowl: Sumac fried rice accompanied with falafel, hummus, zaatar sour cream, broccoli mushroom salad & garlic bread sticks. This is our pick from the menu!

Mexican bowl: Chilli Lime Cilantro rice with grilled paneer in tomato gravy, corn capsicum beans salad, sour cream & corn chips!


Get ready to go on a culinary journey!


What better way can there be to cherish a break than such a joyful taste-ride!


Address- 4-5, Ground Floor, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow, SG Highway, Bodakdev | Contact: 07940023566 | 88662 18181

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