2015 Wedding Winter Collection by BLINKK

Attributes: Footwear, Accessories, Heels/Boots, Flat Bottoms, Wallets

Haven't we all compromised on the design and looks of our footwear and clutches trying to get in sync with our clothes? How awesome would it be if you could get the pattern you want that thoroughly blend in, that too without burning a deep hole in your pocket? Well, Surprise Surprise - BLINKK in our city offers the very same, all at , 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads.

The footwear brand by Vasvi Vyas has come up with exclusive designs for the 2015 WINTER WEDDING SEASON that simply radiates freshness in the styles that are a unique merger of Western and Traditional designs that are custom made from scratch to suit your personality

The designer has laid out glorious range of Footwear in a vibrant palette of colours that are handcrafted, made into a master piece and it is highly unlikely that you will find two similar pieces in their collection.
Pair their footwear with impeccably hand embroidered matching Clutches that are bound to take your breathe away for, they are alluring in every way!

BLINKK strives to meet your need for exclusivity at an affordable price that you can adorn at a formal party or even a casual outing with your loved ones. The collection can add to the exquisiteness of your overall appeal with ease, creating a perfect balance between your ethnic and contemporary side. 

With unique and elegant designs up for grabs, apart from complementing your outfit BLINKK will surely complement every personality and add a dash of spark to your outfit, setting you apart from the crowd, creating a distinct charm and identity Just For You! Cheers.
Address: BLINKK, 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura.

Contact: +91-9726811777

You can also follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/blinkvy

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