22 Jump Street Movie Review

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22 Jump Street
Director – Phil Lord & Christopher Miller
Cast – Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens

22 Jump Street continues the journey of two hapless cops Morton Schmidt (Hill) and Greg Jenko (Tatum) in pursuit of drug dealers. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen its prequel. This sequel to the 2012 hit 21 Jump Street is equally entertaining and hilarious. 

After a failed heist, the two cops are reassigned to the Jump Street programme, at the behest of their boss Cap Dickson (Cube), and asked to trace the source of a new drug named ‘WHYPHY’. They go to college where Jenko continues his passion for rugby and Schmidt gets attracted to fellow student Maya (Amber Stevens). Eventually both solve the case but not before they’ve embarrassed themselves (and their department) on numerous occasions. 

There is not a single moment in the film where you are not chuckling. Dialogues like ‘George Washington was a black lesbian’ challenge the limits of your imagination and before you are done thinking there’s another one waiting to tickle your funny bone. However, if you aren’t familiar with adult terminology then you won’t be able to keep up with the pace of the film 

Jonah Hill is outstanding as Schmidt. Tatum provides a valuable support but it is Ice Cube who steals the show with his Afro-American dialect. The scene where he meets Schmidt’s parents is beyond words to describe. You practically laugh to your heart’s content. 

I am going with four out of five stars for 22 Jump Street. It is the perfect stress buster for the weekend. 

Courtesy: Pratik Potdar

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