3 Reasons to go for The Fitt Wave Gym!

State-of-the-art Gym Infrastructure with more than 12000 sq. ft area located in the heart of the city in GLS Campus, overlooking lush green lawns- The Fitt Wave gym is a specimen of class! Advanced equipments & facilities, Nutrition & Health café, thorough fitness training, ….the list only begins here!

With an emphasis on the scientific approach to fitness, The Fitt Wave reframes the way we imagine & define fitness training! Adding up to it, the trainers here strive constantly to live up to the motto of a fit body and mind is a key to an individual’s success!

State of Art Gym Infrastructure – spread across an area of 12000 sq. ft. And two levels, they have facilities like weight exercise area, crossfit area, yoga studio and activity centre on first floor, and a Nutrition & Health café, consultation room, locker facilities, steam rooms, huge shower cabins etc on ground level!

Zumba Training- Dance your way to fitness!
Batches are starting from 9th April!
Yoga Batches- Get in sync with your inner being! Here is what you can learn- Relaxation, Meditation, Yogic Theory, Body Alignment, Breathing Techniques, Personal Yoga and more! 

Get ready to experience fitness like never before!
For memberships, Call- 7069640293, 9712591145
Address- The Fitt Wave, GLS University Campus, Gate No.4
Follow them at- https://www.facebook.com/TheFittWave/

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