30% Scholarship at ALOHA

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30% Scholarship at ALOHA.

What if your child could count faster than a calculator?

No we are not joking, because ALOHA can make this dream of every parent come true. Every child has hidden potential, ALOHA helps bring out that potential of your child and guide them to the path of success. And not just that, if your child has a fear of mathematics, then this is the perfect course for them.
As ALOHA makes learning fun, it helps the child overcome their fear of numbers and fall in love with maths.

ALOHA teaches ‘Mental Arithmetic’ through ‘AI based ABACUS learning’ application which makes the fear of maths go away and instead start enjoying the subject. Don’t worry, ALOHA would not be a burden for your child, as the classes are held only twice a week each for an hour.
Plus, the classes will also be available for weekends.

So register now and turn your child into a prodigy.


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