30 unique flavours of Shakes to try at Shakewallah

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A Fan of Chocolates? This new place offers 10 chocolate based milkshakes!


This is just a start! The list of amazing flavours at SHAKEWALLAH is endless! Each one of them, so good that it makes you doubt your own choices.


We bet you won’t stop at one! | Especially, we recommend you to try out their *USP*- dry-fruit based shake- Rajwada!


Alright, Chocolate does not interest you? They have delicious Fruit based shakes as well! Their Mango shake is worth whizzing through the burning streets, to their cafe.


Not only limited to conventionals, they also have some flavours, unlike we have heard of any before.


How about a Red-bull based milkshake? OR Snickers & Peanut Butter?


We’re drooling again (already!)


Our Favs:

Fruit based: Mango / Strawberry

Red bull bull: Tell did you like it or not!

Dry Fruit based: Rajwada : This is the most surprisingly awesome flavour we tried!

Chocolate: Kit Kat / Belgian dark chocolate.


Address: Shakewallah, 1, SPG, Empressa, Mithakhali Road, Nr Natural’s Icecream

Call: 9799824402 / 9983889983

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