300 Juices under 1 Roof, at HEALTH JUICE LOUNGE

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You wouldn't believe what we came across this week! 300 JUICES under 1 ROOF! Oh yes, you read it right. After making a concrete mark in Mumbai since 1966; HEALTH JUICE LOUNGE opens in the city, serving tall glasses of nutrition and flavour till 1 in the night; all at Raja Complex, on Vijay Cross Roads.
(And don't worry; had someone told us the same thing last week; we wouldn't have believed them either.)

When you try their juices, it does feel like eating a real fruit for, they are simply so fresh, natural and delicious.
From their fruity concoctions, that keeps your nutrition & enzymes intact to their MILK SHAKES, prepared to be heart healthy & thrilling - They have it all for you to indulge in a more than comfortable ambiance, which also offers FREE Wifi!

With such an array, one really can't pin point their preference and that is when the wise maester behind the counter sprung forth when his recommendations, and we tried BOOM. A lovely mix of Mosambi, Lemon, and Khus, giving a flavour that you would have never come across.
HEALTH JUICE LOUNGE also blends a beautiful glass on Yellow, White, and Pink in the form of TIRANGA; a layered beverage offering delicious Mango, Custard Apple, and Strawberry. There is also their KALA JAMUN juice; a thick, viscous refreshment that you definitely up your energy sip by sip.

Off their array of milkshakes, the KING BLOSSOM, is indeed with a try for, it is loaded with a combination of Strawberry, Pineapple, and Rose; packing a solid punch of flavours. If Litchi is love for you? Then, LITCHI BLOSSOM should be your order.
For the ones who like to keep things simple, they even nail the ever-so-classic OREO SHAKE as well.

What truly stood apart for us was their SPECIAL DRY FRUIT mix; which honestly, isn't really something that you can slurp on, rather it is highly recommended that you eat it with a spoon. Extremely thick through and through, the 'drink' indeed makes for a delicious dessert for a hearty burp!

With 6 outlets in Mumbai, one coming up in Bangalore the next month, and having been featured on CNN along-with hoards of other platforms; Ahmedabad is indeed lucky to have HEALTH JUICE LOUNGE come down to the city; which asks for your immediate attention. Cheers.

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