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Movie Review | 300 | Rise of an empire

When King Leonidas was fighting the Persians alongside his 300 brave soldiers, there was another battle raging in the seas. An epic battle between Greek general Themistokles and  Artemisia, the vengeful commander of the Persian navy.

Zack Sydner, directed the first 300 and now that when you experience 300- Rise of an empire, you wonder if Zack has to do something with it. The director this time is Noam Murran but then as Shakesphere would say, “What’s in the Name?”

The story telling is epic. It starts with a glimpse of the earlier 300 and then it merges with the main story line. Each and every character of the movie is introduced to the audience in a beautiful and a mesmerising manner. Noam does it brilliantly. But then again, I can’t help wonder if Zack had been somewhere loitering around the movie sets assisting Noam to recreate the magic of 300.

Now on to the Movie, well let’s just say that when we think about Sequels and Prequels, 300 Rise of empire creates its own league of movie making and storytelling.


Themistokles is a greek general who has his priorities set of having a unified Greece. Artemisia, on the other hand is an orphaned child who after surviving years of physical and emotional trauma is been adopted by a Persian army general. Artemisia then grows on to become a skilled swords-woman and becomes the most trust aide of King Darius, father of the God king Xerses.

Consumed by greed to conquer the world and a vengeful rage to kill his father’s killer, Xerses – The God King is fighting Leonidas, while Artemisia, Xerses trusted aide, is launching a final attack on general Themistokles.

Will the death of king Leonidas shake the foundation of a United Greece? Will Xeres be defeated? See the story unfold.

Nausea Warning:

This movie ain’t for the faint hearted. If the action sequences in 300 made you feel uncomfortable, 300-Rise of an empire will cause nausea. Add to the 3D effects, the only thing remaining is the smell. Blood everywhere, not to mention torn off limbs, heads, fingers and what not.

Honestly the amount of limbs and blood that have been thrown around in one fight scene, can make for some other movie’s entire actions sequence.  But then who’s complaining. That’s how battles are – ugly, barbaric and unforgiving

What’s Good:

The character of Artemesia. Eva Green, who plays the role to the hilt. Let it be her mannerisms or her depiction of a Soul less warrior, she is everywhere. It’s probably one of the finest performances of the movie.

Crisp editing. The movie doesn’t leave room for even a blink of an eye. It is pure story-telling and no nonsense. Kudos to the editing team.


Overall we suggest all the 300 fans to watch this sequel, prequel or whatever the hell it is. Doesn’t really matter and for those unfortunate who haven’t experience 300, well here’s your chance to experience a whole new level of 300.

As King Leonidas would scream “Hoo Haa, Hoo Haa.”

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