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What happens to most of the horror movies made in India? They flop! Why? Call it lack of story, ‘unscary’ scenes (you almost end up laughing at times), pathetic background music, cinematography, casting, direction, visual effects … almost everything! 3G is one such movie. It simply doesn’t ‘click’, though not in all the categories mentioned above. Neil and Sonali, the young HOT couple (well, well, endless kissings, bikinis, hot-bod, beaches etc) are on a vacation to a beautiful island. They buy a second-hand 3G enabled phone only to find that the dead wants to connect to the alive world through the phone keeping Neil as a medium – hmmm, some new storyline!!?? Forget storyline, imagine a technology like that! So, anyways … the story movies further and tries to chill your bone. It succeeds at places and at places, gives up. There are sequences like the ringing of phone or dancing of ghost where it gives you goose-bumps but soon fizzles out owing to the repetitive sequences – you can’t trick me over & again with same stuff, dude! Try something new! Background music gives the movie some cushion and pushes it to the category of bearable horror movies, making it less-comedy feel. Neil, I am not sure what’s wrong with you? You were really good in Johnny Gaddar and David. Or was it the director and not you, that gives you that brilliant actor’s tag at times? You have to more choosy with the roles you pick. That’s it! And you are home! It will be a shame to compare your acting with anybody else in 3G because there are none other than you (sorry, but Sonal only has a hot bod … and nothing else. Period). Overall, go for this movie ONLY if you like OK-KIND horror movies. Only for few!

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