4 Pocket Friendly Unlimited Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Big meal for a small price is anyday a big attraction; And standard food for the same is a cherry on cake. 
We pick 4 restaurants, wherein you can hog full on:

Umlimited Lunch- 179/-
Unlimited Dinner- 220/- 
From salads to desserts, US pizza gives us an array of food items in repeat mode. What we love about Us Pizza is that they have maintained their food standards despite of many years.

Unlimited Lunch- 250/-
Special prices on Sundays
This place serves some of the best diet food items. They have a range of salads  that will fill your tummy till you reach to the main meal. Also, the quantity of food you eat here doesn't matter, you will still feel light weight at the end of the meal.

Unlimited Lunch- 155/-
Unlimited Dinner- 210/-
For a proper filling meal, Saffron is surely the first pick. Its best part is the barbeque vegetables that they serve as starters, ranging to different punjabi food items. 

Unlimited Lunch- 179/-
Unlimited Dinner- 220/-
The pizzas at this place are mouth watering and the range of food from salads to desserts will fill you two meals atleast. 

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