40+ international art forms to learn @Hunner the art gallery

Routine fades with time, and at times everything around feels monotonous.

Art is what makes you immortal, and helps you break away from the loop!

How about learning a new art form this vacation? An art form that is going to stay with you forever!

Hunner - the art studio presents 40+ international art workshops ranging from Sospeso to intricate work like Quilling and a lot more! Here are other art forms- Parchment, Quilling, Paper Punching Omare, Iris, Lamsa, Coluzzle, 3-D Vellum and more

The batches have started already. And, only limited spots are available for each art form. So, book your places, today! Call: 99242 02220

A phenomenal artist who designs beautiful pieces of art- Uma Agarwal, has been the driving force behind Hunner - the art gallery, for the last 15 years.

Specializing in personalized gifts, like none anyone have seen before, Hunner also offers trousseau packing for marriages, corporate gifts and more!

Grab the details, because you are definitely going to need them!

Call: 99242 02220
Address: Hunner - the art gallery, B-801, Regency Tower, Vastrapur

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