47 Ronin Movie Review

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47 Ronin based on genuine series of events that occurred in feudal Japan is a strange movie.

A Samurai master is forced to commit ritual suicide due to a situation not of his making. His 47 men army is left master less and they set out to avenge their master’s death. Into this mix is added a half breed fighter Kai, (Keanu Reeves, Raised by demons) with kick ass fighting skills and a lot of Flying dragons, tattooed pirates, brawling giants, a shape-shifting sorceress, mystical monks and high decibel VFX.

The dialogues are so clichéd it sounds like it’s been translated from another language (“I would rather have been killed by that beast than rescued by a half-breed!” as said by one of the Ronin). The biggest flaw though is Keanu Reeves himself who is literally sleepwalking through the movie.

While die-hard fantasy fans might find something to salvage from the well-staged final battle, and the sequences involving Kikuchi the Witch (Shape Shifter), who can spin herself through space. What should have been a riveting action fantasy adventure ends up looking stale and boring.

Go watch this in the theatres only if you have the time to kill and wouldn’t mind watching mindless underwhelming action. All in all 2.5 Shor

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