5 Days to go for The VINTAGE CAR SHOW

We have been talking about Vintage Cars since a few days - Cars, Bikes, People, and hoards of Activities are taking place at this one of a kind event that will be OPEN TO ALL on 10th January, between 10 am to 9 pm, at the Aakash/Aman Party Plot, besides Trustnagar Society, Shreyas Crossing Road, Vasna.

We have talked enough when it comes to what is laid out so, we will be shifting our focus to people behind this marvelous show on the forefront.
Who are these people? Why are the organising it, since they won't be making any money out of it? What's their objective? There are a million questions lined up!

Well, a group of vintage car enthusiasts got together and decided to create an awareness of automobile master pieces to ensure their preservation and use. These cars and bikes are something that they own and they are not any kind of dealers who are into the selling space for, they have immense passion and love towards Vintage cars and fortunately, there are many such lovers in the state. 

These enthusiasts formed a club - 'The Gujarat Vintage and Classic Car Club (GVCC)' and have been hosting such an event every two years. The event got bigger & bigger, and has kept on adding more marvels and activities to lure the audience.
They did a Vintage Car Rally, their first show in 2012, which had a total of 55 Vintage cars with a footfall of more than 45,000 people at Aakash/Aman party plot. The subsequent took place in 2014 had an addition of mind boggling dozen motorcycles which we are sure that many would not have even seen in their life. On request, they have also showcased these cars at VadFest (A Vadodara festival privileged by Yanni and AR Rehman). 

Well, that was all about the past. Talking 5 days from now, BLOCK YOUR DATES for, this event is bound to be a spectacle to witness! Cheers.

(The even is open for ALL)

Date: 10th January

Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Venue: Aakash/Aman Party Plot, besides Trustnagar Society, Shreyas Crossing Road, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9687660007

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