5+ different types of Egg Rice at Protin Egg Eatery

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Egg lovers have already been to this place and tried most of their dishes! And for all those who have not been here yet, here is one more reason to get going to Protin Egg Eatery-


They serve 5+ different types of Egg Rices!


The Famous Egg Ghotala dish with Rice! And the Egg Pulao is nothing like anything we have ever tried before, just like all other dishes here!


While the Pulao is simple and subtle, the 2 Egg Biryanis- Hyderabadi Egg Biryani, Biryani Makhanwala are going to swipe us off our feet, with our mouths going -”mmm..aha!”


The stand-apart and our personal favourite is - “Majboos”! Basmati Rice is cooked with Eggs and special Arabic Majboos Spices! Sounds delicious!


You know what goes best with these Egg Rice? Their refreshing sodas, softies and milkshakes! So this weekend, get ready to try something new! Get going to Protin Egg Eatery!  


Address- 1- Shree Krishna Center, Beside Passport office, Meethakhali Cross Roads

Call: 8511973533

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