50+ unique Egg Fusion Delicacies at Protin Egg Eatery

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Ever heard about Turkish Pides or stuffed omelettes? Keep reading!

It is time to get rid of the notion that Eggs are better not eaten unless it's winter. Introducing , the Newest Egg Eatery in city, PROTIN EGG EATERY | 1- Shree Krishna Center, Beside Passport office, Meethakhali | Call: 8511973533

Get ready to devour over 50+ unique egg delicacies unheard of, before and which can be devoured even in dwindling weather such as the one right now!

Over and above the Egg Delicacies, they are also here with a bandwagon of refreshing beverages such as smoothies, sodas and milkshakes!

Egg Tikka - The fusion version of Boiled Eggs - These Egg tikkas are available in three different flavors - Achari, Cassic and Malai!

Makhani Cheese burst Omelette - CHEEESSE BURST OMELETTE!

Desi French Toast- The perfect start to your day!

Classic & Green Turkish Pide- The most unique version of fusion pizzas (they are not exactly pizzas, but let's keep them that way)

Egg Do bar - Two different gravies. Which one is better? Let us know!

Half Fry Curry Khada masala- By far, the best half fry we have ever tasted in the city!

So foodies, this weekend, when you crave Eggs, remember to visit this newest and probably the most yummiest Egg Eatery in town!


1-shree Krishna centre,beside passport office, meethakhali, Ahmedabad

Call: 8511973533

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