5Famous dishes of other Cities that are available in Amdavad

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To the ease of Food Zealot Amdavadis, we are here with a list of Famous Food Dishes of other cities, that are now available in Ahmedabad!


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is an animated movie about a science experiment gone wrong. Due to this, the city faces a calamity where it starts raining. Rain of Food! Ahmedabad, is one such city. However, there is no science experiment gone wrong! Food is something that we Gujaratis just can’t stop spending our money on.


Sev Usal:Ask a Barodian, about the best breakfast and you’ll get a unanimous answer- Sev Usal. That amazing dip of Buns in the Red hot curry and the mixture spices! Epic! Where to eat- Lalabhai nu Sev-usal (Vastrapur)


Surti Locho: This dish that was discovered by mistake while making Khaman is something the Surtis can’t stop bragging about. Let’s give them that taste, now here in Ahmedabad! Where to Eat- Jani Locho and Khaman House, Surti Dosa, Shreeji Locho House.


Bombay Vadapav: The version of most loved street food of India that is famous in Ahmedabad is a bit different than the original. The original is the Bombay Style -with Raw bun, hot vada with a powdered form of mixture added and mirch! Cherish this actual Hotness of Vadapav to know what the Mumbaikars find so special about this. Where to Eat- Bombay Street Cafe, Jay Bhavani, Shreeji Vadapav (Vijay Cross Roads)


Kutchi Bowl: The traditional Dabelis from Kachchh which are known as Rotis in Bhuj are of course available in the city since ages. However, this fusionized version of Dabelis- Kutchi Bowl is something to not to be missed out! Where to Eat- Kutchi King


Litti Chokha from Bihar: A look alike of Dal-Baati - famous in the states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh, is now also available in Ahmedabad! Where to Eat: SGD Food Park!

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