6 Eateries in Ahmedabad that take their Cutlery seriously

There are a very few places in Ahmedabad that take a niche interest in cutlery presentations. It surely is very important to have your food in a dish that depicts the culture of the cuisine; the experience with such presentable decoration makes the experience all the more unique and permanent.
We picked following places that take their cutlery seriously:

Add: Hyatt Regency, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.
Contact: 079-40171144

Chinese Cuisine served with authentic taste at China House has beautiful cutlery presentation keeping in mind the textures, depth and colour of them. Also, for every dish they have different types of presentations; Noodles will be served in a different plate than what momos or rice will be served.

Add: The Fern - An Ecotel Hotel, near Sola Overbridge, S.G. Highway.
Contact: 079-30230000

South Indian delicacies, Dravida tops our chat in serving the top niche cutleries for their South Indian food lovers. Their presentation skills coupled with the intricate food detailing’s are very interesting.

Add:  8 Sarthik, Ground Floor, next to Gulmahor Park Mall, Ramdevnagar.
Contact: 8758421125

Vegan food is one of the rare kinds of food available in Ahmedabad, but Philosophy club with its unique touch and taste has developed some best dishes coupled in brilliant cutleries. Their dishes presentation is just worth the entire experience of dining.

Add: 107, Safal Pegasus, Anandnagar Road, above McDonald's, Prahladnagar.
Contact: 9925002706

Classical Punjabi specialities, Jassi de Parathe are undoubtedly one of the only places in Ahmedabad that has an ambience and cutleries loud to its taste. Served in cooper cutleries Jassi de Parathe lives its essence of Punjabi Dining.

Add: Moh, Gulbai Tekra Road.
Contact: 9537156741

Mad House Café is probably the only café in Ahmedabad that perfects its cutleries. Their each dish is served in a very fancy manner and what we love the most about the place is that with every food dish surprise theirs a surprise cutlery too.

Add: The House of MG, opp Sidi Saiyad Jali, Lal Darwaja.
Contact: 9909970113

Gujarat cuisine is served in the most authentic manner at Agashiye with silver cutleries. Dinning at this place feels much connected and at home for it has a complete package of Gujarat dining experience.

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