60+ flavours of Waffles at Icecream Festival 2.0

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“Sabr ka Waffle meetha hota hai!”

Presenting the 1st glimpse to the unique varieties of Waffles awaiting you at Icecream Festival!

Top 6+ brands are coming together with their 60+ varieties of Waffles!

TRULY, NOTHING LIKE ANYTHING WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE! It is the Largest Ever Ice-cream (and Dessert Festival) of Ahmedabad coming up!

The Arena by TransStadia, Maninagar | 30, 31 March | 4-11PM

Which is your Favourite type of Waffle?

Bubble Waffle or Stick Waffle? Pocket Waffle or Waffwich? Here is a glimpse to the WAFFLE brands a gearing up to come together:
- Cravenzaa
- Golden Brown
- London Bubble Co
- The Chocolate Room
- Whatte Waffle

And the list is endless (not literally!)

How about a waffle with a Sizzling Brownie? Never heard of it? This is just a start!

Treat yourself to the best of Icecreams, Shakes, Desserts and a lot more from Ahmedabad!

“Excited for Summer!”- said no one ever! Not ANYMORE!

From Conventionals to something that you have never heard of before, everything is bound to take you by a surprise!

More details coming out soon!

30, 31 March

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