650 Restaurant Ahmedabad

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It’s the first time that CityShor is publishing about a Family Restaurant – 650 – The Global kitchen. Well, not that you cannot go there with your friends, but we still believe it’s definitely a place you should take your family to. You would love the place right from the entrance. 650 Restaurant Ahmedabad, a first ever standalone open kitchen restaurant created with a view of natural greens. A contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all aspects of fine cuisine; service, ambience & atmosphere.

To nurture the taste buds 650 Restaurant Ahmedabad have tried to bring in international fusion. The ambience is bit of Indian & old age and the food is kept modern, stylish & classy. Not ignoring the healthy options. To get into the smallest detail, 650 Restaurant Ahmedabad have designed their table mats from wood waste.

Innovations in food are a plenty by naming a few like the Hungarian Krokett which is served in a shot glass, the classic Italian bread dip which is the same you will find in any Italian restaurant abroad, Firangi Tikka which has the Indian fusion taste. To highlight the global cuisines they have a few dishes like the Bean Chipotle, Eggplant Parmigiana, Sicilian Baked Ziti, Cottage Cheese & Spinach Timbale, French Ragout and Hungarian Goulash which represents each and every country’s delicacies. The difference lies that it caters to a vegetarian crowd with their own recipes. As a lot of Jains look for varied food options 650 Restaurant Ahmedabad provide a full Jain menu to savor their tastes.

Checkout the best dishes of 650 Restaurant Ahmedabad

Address -
650 – The Global kitchen
Shreekunj Mandapam,
Beside Golden Tulip Bunglows &
Tulip Citadel, Near Oswal Bhawan,
Manekbaug, Ahmedabad

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