7 Best Diet Places in Ahmedabad

Cuisines: Healthy

Are you on a diet, but can’t resist eating out? Well, you surely shouldn’t stop yourself! Just eat right food at the right places. Delicious be Nutritious, we list healthy food items at 7 places that you must try while on diet.

Add: Gulmohar Mall, near Iscon Cross Roads.
Contact: 079-26305533

Cellad Eatery drives a proper balance between the variety, good taste, balanced nutrition and healthy vegetarian food. To have Salads specifically, Cellad Eatry always has a range of options. A buffet setup, this places serves a full course balanced meal from soup to coffee...
Diet Items-
Salads – Taco Salad, Primavera Salad, Greek Salad, Mexican Salad- brown rice, Oriental Salad, Bean Salads, Caesar Salad, Coleslaw, Macroni Salad, Boiled Peanut Salad, Onion- Cucumber Salad, Pomegranate Apple Salad.
Fresh Fruits


Who knew havmor had a special diet menu for all the weight counters. Taste as authentic as ever, some of the Havmor’s diet dishes might make you forget their chole kulcha for some hours.

Diet Items:
House special salad which is prepared with sprouted moong, cucumber, olives, capsicums, tomatoes and lettuce.
Spinach & Mushroom sandwich
Agnelotti with olive oil & parmesan – This dish has a proper blend of pastas and ravioli served with garlic bread.
You can try light mojito or chocolate/strawberry milk shake and don’t worry these are sugar free items.
For desserts go for sugar less strawberry, choco chip or vanilla ice cream.


At Falafel Express almost every item is low calorie, infact, Lebanese cuisine itself makes for a healthy meal. It has the most filling diet food you must try.

Diet Items:
Salads- Greek Salad, Labenese Fatoush Salad, Falafel Fatoush Salad.
Crispy Pita with Hummus
Lavash Platter
Mezze Platter
Falafel in Pita- Traditional: Authentic Falafel wrapped in Pita, Baba Ghanoush: Classic Garlic Aubergine sauce with herbs in traditional falafel in pita, Tzatziki: in Greek Yogurt Sauce, Fusion: in basil pesto sauce, Sundried Tomato Pesto.

Add: Panjrapole Cross Roads.
Contact 079-26306951
Sandwichworkz is one of those places where you can have a few number of items together. Though famous for its amazing sandwiches, you focus on the following diet list of food items.

Diet Items:
Masala Egg Dosai- Panch Ratni Dal, Mushroom Stuffing, Paneer Stuffing.
Salads- Fresh Green Salad, Greek Salad, Potato Salad, Sprout Salad.
Sandwiches- Spicy Banana, Paneer Salad, Elvis Presley Sandwich (Peanut Butter, Banana), Spicy Omlette and Paneer, Egg Salad, Egg in the nest.
Eggs: Egg Paratha, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Boiled Egg Bhurji, Raw Egg Bhurji, Potato and Herb Omlette, Chicken Omlette.
Veg and Paneer Dimsums
Tea: Assam, Darjeeling, English Breakfast Tea, Peppermint, Lemon.


Subway is one of the oldest healthy food eating internationally recognized brand. All kinds of food available here are super healthy unless- you can’t eat a sub without cheese.

Diet Items:
Try Multi grain or wheat bread with all kinds of vegetable fillings.
Sauces: Red Chilli, Sweet Onion, South West
Avoid- Mayonnaise and Mustard

Add: Amrapali Lakeview Tower, opp Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur.
Contact: 9825033852

Who says you can’t have ice creams on diet? Thanco’s Ice cream is one of the only ice cream brands that gives justice to health conscious people. You must surely try their sugar free ice creams.

Diet Ice Creams: (Sugar- Free)
Anjeer, Apple, Chickoo, Green Grapes, Guava, Kesar Pista, Lychee, Malai, Coconut Tender, Pomegranate

-FRENBERRY (Delivery only)
Contact: 8866045045

Frenberry is a place that covers the whole new section of nutritious and healthy food items.  All the items at Frenberry are diet as well as delicious. What’s more is their super affordable prices.

Diet Items:
Mini Parfaits:, Kiwi Crunch Parfait, Sweet Sin Parfait, Apple crush Parfait, Tropical Rush Parfait,
Juices: Detox Water, Nutri Glow Juice, Lean Up Juice, Vital Vita Juice, Heart Beet Juice
Smoothies: Kiwi, Greeny kiwi, Red Hot Berries, Purple Dragon.
Salads: Russian, Mustard, Greek, Mexican, French, Broccoli Greens, Labenese
Pita Wraps: Russian, Kabuli Chana, Carrotina, Smoky Paneer.
Desi Delicacies: Veggie Panyaram, Fry Free Dahiwada, Srout Chat, Protien Chat

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