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Difficult to get Banarasi Sarees in the city and at some of the place we get but probably not the authentic ones. We can’t really trust the retailer but here comes the one who can get to the lanes of Banaras. Well, not actually! It’s a store that has brought banaras here!

Ekaya is the union of a timeless love of saris and pure, rare craftsmanship. Rooted in Banaras’ rich textile heritage, Ekaya is a contemporary, bespoke store, presenting the finest works of art from the Indian craftsman’s. With the modern Indian woman as their muse, Ekaya blends ancient art with a diverse vision, to emphasis hand-done workmanship. Designed as a rich, engaging experience, Ekaya’s greatest advantage lies in the blend of exquisite quality with true value for money.

As everyone is changing as per fashion & season, at Ekaya also they have launched new summer collection of sarees and unstiched salwar kameez in cotton,linen, silk,tussar, georgette, chiffon, chanderi and dupion.

Their ties with Banaras are deep, with an extensive setup of operations that goes back three generations. This foundation allows us unique benefits; they can craft authentic, traditional textiles and yet play with design to create more contemporary collections. The greatest advantage however, is their ability to offer genuine products at unmatched value, owing to their strong base and commitment to Indian textiles, their artisans and ultimately, the wearers.

Ekaya features a diverse collection of the banarasi brocade, in its purest and richest forms, while also offering a wide selection of pure needle-craft embroidered saris, printed saris, suits and fabrics, intricate bridal lehengas and other sari-crafts from India.

Ekaya store reflects their vision and the modern aesthetic of the brand. Warm, engaging and special, it offers a signature experience of India-Modern and its treasures.

Their exclusive store at Armieda, Off SG Highway, Bodakdev has been designed to translate India's prized crafts into a contemporary, engaging and lasting experience. Clean, linear lines accentuated by soft colors and textures lend the saris prominence, allowing the genius of the Indian artisan shine through.

They offer a diverse collection of exquisite Banarasi saris, as well as embroidered saris, printed saris, suits and fabrics, bridal lehengas and saris from other parts of India.

Banarasi Saris

Banaras is one of the most enriching weaving and textile centre of India, and the banarasi brocade is its prized gem. Thousands of years, but the banarasi is still among the most coveted saris in India; a must in a bridal trousseau and yet ageless in its appeal for all women. Ekaya’s banarasi saris are completely hand-woven by local artisans, who have practiced the artform for generations.            .

Needless to say, the promise of authentic superior craftsmanship is assured. A universe of banarasi brocades can be found at Ekaya. These include, the tanchoi, upada, uchint jamdani, khaddi, kadwa, cutwork, kaaiyal, jangla, meenakari, embossed, booti, shikargarh and nilambari.

Embroidered saris

Embroidered saris at Ekaya are masterpieces of breathtaking detail. All their embroideries still maintain the pure, and now rare, art of the hand-done needle-craft. This lends the saris a unique sense of the modern and ancient together, because the craftsman’s time-tested genius and precision is inter-woven.

Printed Saris

A wide selection of printed saris, ranging from traditional art such as madhubanis to contemporary prints on georgettes and chiffon. A collection that offers beautiful design, comfort and true value for money.

Heritage of India Saris

The sheer diversity of sari crafts from each state of India is breathtaking. Each sari craft has come from its own repository of legends, myths, rituals and traditions. And Their collection of delicate Chanderi, Kanjeevarams, Maheshwaris and other saris is a celebration of these beautiful weaves.

Bridal Lehengas

Lehengas that are a bride’s dream come true; Their collection of bridal lehengas are a delicate blend of the needle-craft, executed painstakingly across the garment by craftsmen, and its contemporary presentation and design. Discover delightful embellishments, embroideries as well as traditional weaves.


Ekaya also offers a varied selection of suits, dupattas and pre-stitched blouses, all suited to the spirit of celebration and festivity. These include traditional weaves as well as intricate pieces overlaid with embroidered or woven flTheirishes in bright, festive colours.

Good news! They have a surprise voucher for people who shop in Ekaya. Conditions Apply.


ground floor, armieda building
off s.g. highway,
pakvan-sindhu bhavan road,
bodakdev, ahmedabad 380 059
t: +91 79 4045 4765

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