A blingy Location! - The unexplored Ahmedabad

Do you actually know Ahmedabad? Well the, think again. Days ago we too felt that we knew the city, till we found out this one place. Trust us, Ahmedabad is growing.

Many a times while travelling in the city we come across things that we didn’t think existed. Think about that one time where in you were taken aback. Let it be that small thela by the road side that serves you delicious breakfast or that shop dealing in antiques. There’s this Ahmedabad, which is unexplored, untouched and unknown.

Here’s this one more place that we found! It’s not small or tiny that you can’t find it! It’s massively big still unexplored by many people. It’s Sabarmati Riverfront Garden, at Wadaj. You may have visited the better known river front gardens but then this one is still not on the radar of many Ahmedabadis.

The other day, while crossing from Wadaj we paused and clicked a picture of this amazing landscape. It was evening and the setting was that perfect. We were awestruck.

Thousands of lights, riverfront, train track and torrent power house! Yes, all this is seen from one place. Cross Wadaj Circle and take a right on the new Wadaj Dudheshwar Bridge! Stop your vehicle on middle of this bridge and see this beautiful garden and enjoy this beauty. If you get mesmerised, don’t blame us.

Well, we didn’t visit the garden but this garden also is something to look for! So next time when you think where to visit, this is the place! It’s unlike other gardens, trust us! And one request to all, don’t make it dirty, let it stay beautiful as ever!

So here’s to the beautiful Ahmedabad, to the unexplored Ahmedabad.

Exact location: The bridge that connects Wadaj and Shahibag Road.

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