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Tired of those clichéd formal restaurant seating? Here with the aim to change that concept we have Wall Street Cafe for you!

As the name suggests this place is inspired by the concept of the stock market! Helping you capture all the fun moments you enjoy right here, Wall Street Café offers you the facility of carrying home a professionally captured picture as a thank you note for visiting!

Here with their spectacular new ambience, the menu follows the concept of the stock market making this place one of its kind around the society. Their drinks menu is set in such a manner that it fluctuates just like it does in a stock market!

A drink that CityShor recommends in this heat is the refreshing, Fruit Hill! A combination of Strawberry and Mango! Both known for their refreshment don’t miss on this drink for sure! Another drink and a loved one is Kiwi Mojito!

No evening is complete until we indulge into some fine food variety! One such food dish is Mexican Fuski, is one of a kind dish, which serves Puri stuffed with lettuce, bell peppers and cucumber topped with tangy salsa sauce and cheese! Who would have thought that Puri would have a Mexican twist?

A signature dish of Pineapple Rice in Pesto Sauce, stuffed inside a whole pineapple served alongside French Fries is Pineapple Hedonistic Rice. Topping the bar of uniqueness not only visually but also in taste, this is a must try!

No café is complete unless we have our favourite pizzas on the menu. One such pizza which was different, Green House Pizza with the base of pesto sauce, topped with healthy broccoli and shavings of almond. If you are a fan of trying something unique, this is the dish!

Having a spectacular stock exchange theme ambience and fluctuating prices on their drink menu, treat your taste buds with food dishes which will leave you craving for more each time, make this weekend fun filled.

Address: 1st Floor, Shree Vardhman Complex, Vijay Cross Road, Navrangpura
Contact: 079 30920664⁠⁠⁠


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