A concept cafe that's open 24 hrs, have you heard about it

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One of the most unique concept cafe in the city is garnering rave reviews from foodies and alike. Have you visited Kaffee yet? Located at Shree Balaji Agora Mall, 200 ft S.P. Ring Road, between Tapovan & Bhat Circle, Motera, Kaffee is here yet again to uplift your taste buds.

What's so good at this cafe you ask? To being with Kaffee remains open till 24/7. So all those night hawks, whatever the time is, you know Kaffee is the place to hit either alone or with your gang for the late night hunger pangs!

Last time we shared our experience about their great variety of food and coffees which are sure to leave you in amazement. Today we talk about their quick grabs, which are just perfect for those in between hunger moments! Either a late night drive or just a quick bite, Kaffee is the place you want to be

We give you the Sensational 6 at Kaffee, which you have to try for sure.

Double Cheese Burger for the large at heart and equally large bite!

Calzone Pizza makes it a delight for them pizza persons. Aptly stuffed making it a perfect bite late in the nights!

Grilled Panini is served here can be considered at par with the most authentic joints serving it. While we were left wanting for more, there was a moment we couldn't eat. But trust us, we going back.

Spinach & Three Cheese wrap is a classic at Kaffee. Stuffed with spinach and just enough of cheese that creates magic once you had your first morsel.

Mexican Hawain Salad becomes the first choice of them health freaks. Served with Nachos and cheese, love does happen twice. Don't believe us, try this dish.

Slow Sandwich: The all time favorite. Just too perfect for us to have missed it. And we suggest you too have it.

What is the next thing that makes this cafe unique apart from the top notch food? The seating of the café is perfect for those who wish to come with their friends to hangout or for someone who just wishes to work peacefully on their laptop. From the moment you enter into the café you will feel your mood uplifted with the cosy seating area which goes just perfect with the soothing music and not to forget the big screen!

All the goodness is served in an 'Industrial' themed ambiance that is decked up with simplistic Chairs & Tables with food being just irresistible Kaffee: mast hai  going to be on top of your list every weekend

Address: Shree Balaji Agora Mall, 200 ft S.P. Ring Road, between Tapovan & Bhat Circle, Motera, Ahmedabad. Contact: +91-8690499499 | +91-9227888294/267


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