A delectable experience awaits at SOHI

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The next time you’re craving for an appetizing meal that really pampers your taste buds, you know heading to SOHI is a perfect option; and with their extensive menu, we are sure you are going to be spoilt for choice.
Ranging from their appetizers to their mains, just about everything is tastefully done at the restaurant, placed at Shop No 25-26, First Floor, Amrapali Axion, S.P. Ring Road, Bopal.

Move over tomato and sweet corn, they have got the CHEESE JALAPENO SOUP. A rich concoction, with the right tinge of sweetness and spice to it. Just make sure you savour it while it's piping hot.
From the world cuisines, you have got to try the CRISPY VEGETABLES. Golden brown and cooked to perfection, it really makes for the perfect appetizer. There is also their CRISPY CORN & FRIED CAPSICUM, also makes for quite an enriching experience.

On the Mexican side of things, our pick would be their BURRITOS; stuffed with ample goodness in the form of cheese, beans and Mexican spices. For something more filling, MEXICAN RICE with TIT BITS should be your order for the day. At the end, if experimenting is not your thing, simply ask for an ITALIAN PIZZA, tending to be a satiating meal.

To sum it up, SOHI offered yet another tasty, and tummy filling experience; That should be your next stop the next time your taste-buds yearn for some soul food! Cheers.

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/sohirestaurant

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